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Differentiability of thermodynamical quantities in non-uniformly expanding dynamics

In this paper we study the ergodic theory of a robust non-uniformly expanding maps where no Markov assumption is required. We prove that the topological pressure is differentiable as a function of the dynamics and analytic with respect to the potential. Moreover we not only prove the continuity of the equilibrium states and their metric entropy as well as the differentiability of the maximal entropy measure and extremal Lyapunov exponents with respect to the dynamics. Moreover, we prove a local large deviations principle and central limit theorem and show that the rate function, mean and variance vary continuously with respect to observables, potentials and dynamics. Finally, we also prove that the correlation function associated to the maximal entropy measure is differentiable with respect to the dynamics and $C^1$-convergent to zero. In addition, precise formulas for the derivatives of thermodynamical quantities are given.

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